Garage Conversion – Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

When you need more living space for your family, adding a new room to your home is the first solution that comes to mind, But building a new room from the ground up is an expensive and complex project. The easier and more affordable alternative is to convert your garage into a great living space. After all, your garage already consists of a foundation, four exterior walls and a roof. The second, but equally important reason behind the garage conversions that we build in the Los Angeles area is to provide an additional, fully independent housing unit, separate from the main home.

What is an ADU and why Should You Consider It?

An Accessory Dwelling Unit, also known as an ADU is an additional unit on a single-family property. An ADU may or may not be attached to the primary building. Typically, ADU conversions are smaller than the main family home. Finally, ADUs are fully independent living spaces, equipped with their own electrical sub-panel, air-conditioning and heating unit, plumbing and hot water, kitchen and bathroom.

Garage Conversion as an investment

  • Immediately adds value to your existing property¬† when the project is complete
  • Leverage the new living space as a rental to supplement monthly revenue
  • Use it as a multi-generational suite to guest house, providing an option to parents, relatives or friends to stay with you with added privacy and comfort.