Making Commercial Buildings Energy Efficient

Although most newly built buildings already contain energy efficient upgrades, some still do not. If you currently are a commercial property owner and your building is over ten years old, you probably don’t have any of these upgrades, nor have you bothered to get [...]

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Give Your Space A Makeover: Remodel Your Bathroom

One of the most important spaces in your home is your bathroom. While this space is often neglected by many homeowners, it is the place you go to unwind and relax/rejuvenate. Depending on how old your home is and how long ago it got [...]

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A New Kitchen Renovation Starts With You

When you finally decide that you are ready for a kitchen renovation service West Hills, there are a lot of aspects that come into play. The biggest thing to consider is how you want your kitchen to look. Your new space should represent you, your [...]

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Choosing Solar As A Money Saving Alternative

You have most likely heard of the word “solar” because it is extremely popular and in high demand. Did you know that solar installation services LA save you thousands of dollars per year, and decrease your energy bills by up to 30%! This is not only [...]

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Energy Efficiency For Your Commercial Property

Most business owners own their own space for their company and employees, and need to constantly maintain it. Not to mention, bills for commercial properties are usually pretty high, because of all of the electricity, energy, HVAC system use, etc. This may leave many business [...]

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Home Renovations: Updating Your Living Room Space

AYS Energy goes through many different types of home renovation services LA every day for their clients. With the many options you have when re-doing your home, a major room that is always taken into consideration are living room spaces. Because your living room is [...]

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Making The Switch To Solar Energy

You most likely have heard of the words “solar, solar panels, or solar energy” before. Let’s face it- in today’s society, living is very expensive. Especially when you have many bills to pay, things to buy, and a family to support. This is [...]

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Importance Of Attic Insulation

If you live in Southern California, you most often experience season transitions unexpectedly. Because it is usually sunny and hot in Southern California, you never know when it will be a nice chilly day. This can lead to some problems in your home in regards [...]

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Benefits Of A Room Addition

Whether you decide to add several new rooms to your home, or just one, there are tons of benefits that come out of room addition services Los Angeles. If it is for another family member to have a bigger room, if it’s for an [...]

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Energy Efficient Solutions For The Kitchen

Building a brand new kitchen is very exciting for almost all homeowners, because you get to create a new detailed space that you love. There are tons of aspects that go into the whole process, and a lot to consider. AYS Energy, your licensed kitchen [...]

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Building a brand new kitchen is very exciting for almost all homeowners, because you get to create a new detailed space that you love. There are tons of aspects that go into the whole process, and a lot to consider. AYS Energy, your licensed kitchen remodeling contractors will help you with every step so you are not stressed out. We highly recommend building your kitchen with energy efficient services Los Angeles, because it will help save you tons of money on your bills. Keep reading to learn about how you can save with these solutions.

Energy Efficient Kitchen Options

There are several big energy efficient options that you can have in your kitchen. First, our team will help you create a perfect kitchen step by step. Whatever you wish to do for your kitchen, we will make it our priority to have that be possible. Did you know that energy efficient kitchens add value to your home? This will make your home go up in price and be more desirable. Updated appliances that are more trending and in style will also make your kitchen look even better.

To start, taking control of your plumbing in your kitchen can save you money and help the environment. Insulating your water pipes will help you conserve much more water. If water pipes are old, they most likely are not insulated. This leads to hot water leaking out when you do not want it too. This will lead to more money on your bills when you are not even using as much water. Many homeowners don’t realize but plumbing takes a big responsibility for high energy and water bills. Our team will take care of all of your heating pump problems while we create the kitchen of your dreams.

Next, another great option is to provide your home with energy efficient kitchen appliances. There are great brands that have appliances which will save you money. For example, there are gorgeous refrigerators that use less energy when cooling your food. There are also dishwashers that do not take up as much water and energy. Sinks can also be more energy efficient. There are tons of ways to get creative with your appliances where you save money and help the environment.

Electricity such as LED lights in your kitchen are very popular and excellent sources of energy saving tools. LED lights can be left on for longer periods of time without wasting more electricity and money. LED lights are also more vivid and bright, so that you can always see the full effect of your cooking.

AYS Energy are licensed kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles. Our goal is to help build you the kitchen of your dreams with an energy efficient solution. Call our team today for a free consultation, and get started on saving money for your home, plus a brand new kitchen!