Making Commercial Buildings Energy Efficient

Although most newly built buildings already contain energy efficient upgrades, some still do not. If you currently are a commercial property owner and your building is over ten years old, you probably don’t have any of these upgrades, nor have you bothered to get them. What many commercial owners do not realize is how much money they will save by making the switch to energy efficient solutions LA. Our specialists at AYS Energy, the best energy efficient contractors LA, will tell you all of the reasons why obtaining these services are crucial.

Jumping On The Bandwagon

Energy efficient trends are something that you want to hop on board with. It is a great trend, and one that will not only save you tons of money on your bills, but help the environment tremendously at the same time. It is our goal at AYS Energy to help each residential and commercial property owner to save more energy one step at a time. Did you know that by upgrading your building, you will be saving on average about 20% less than what you would normally pay on energy bills per year? Once you add all of this up at the end of the year, you are saving a lot of money.

Did you know?

-If you have energy efficient upgrades in your commercial property, then your leasing and rent price per month can be higher than it currently is. Also, this upgrade will attract more potential leasers and renters because of this, and they know that they will not be needing to pay so much money on utility and energy bills while living there.

-Having these provided services in your commercial building increases resale value, therefore you will be able to sell it for much more than you currently can in the future. It will all be worth it, and you will be much happier with your earnings in the future.

-By lowering all of your tenants energy bills every month, this will make them more loyal to you and stay for longer periods of time. Studies show that many tenants are much more happier with lower energy bills, and decide to stay for more years after these upgrades. This will benefit you, as you will always have a complete building with tenants every month.

-By making this switch, you are taking the next step to helping save the environment. Just one building without energy efficient renovations can damage the environment tremendously. With the proper upgrades,  we can improve our environment for our children to be able to live healthy and naturally.

There are tons of ways that commercial buildings will benefit from these energy efficient solutions LA. Just by taking small steps, you are already on the path to success and money savings! Call our specialist today for a free consultation.