HVAC Repair VS. Replacement.. Which Do I Need?

Your HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Condition) system is a very beneficial feature of your home or commercial property. This system gives you air at your desired temperature that will circulate through out your home. Having air conditioning for those hot summer days and a heater for those cold winter nights will help you and your family feel more comfortable with the season transitions. The problem is that many homeowners and commercial building owners either do not have time to get a regular HVAC repair in Los Angeles and neglect the fact that they may need a replacement. This is where AYS Energy steps in, your licensed HVAC contractors LA, to help with this issue you may be having. Our team of specialists will evaluate your system to determine what we need to do to strengthen your air system.

Repairs VS. Replacements

Since it is difficult for homeowners to see warning signs as to if their HVAC system is not working efficiently, this is when you need to call a professional team. It is very common that people will not realize they need fixing for long periods of time, and eventually their system shuts down or causes big problems. Having to replace the entire system may not be what you had expected, but if neglected, this will most likely be the case. Usually, when you do not turn on your unit for a long period of time, it can cause problems or start to act up. It is recommended that you turn on your unit at least once per month to let it work up again.

Repairs- here are the warning signs:

The first thing to notice when turning on your HVAC system is if it makes funny noises while working. Your furnace is supposed to run smoothly and properly, with little to no noise at all. If you hear funny rattling or something unusual, there might be something wrong that AYS Energy will need to repair. Another way to tell if you need a repair is if your furnace has unpleasant smells coming out of the air vents. You may have noticed that sometimes you walk into a stuffy house or office that has a funny smell. It is most likely that it is coming from their air systems. Certain types of smells to look for are: stuffy, moldy, dusty, etc. Also, another major warning sign is if your gas/electricity bills are going up very high, when they should not be. This may be because your unit is working ten times harder to give you efficient air, and something is wrong.

Replacements- here are the warning signs:

A replacement is something that our team at AYS Energy will take into consideration for you, only if there is no way to save your current HVAC system. A big warning sign that you should look for is if your HVAC system is only working throughout parts of your home. For example, if you turn on the heater and some of your bedrooms are not getting the hot air coming through, then you may need a brand new system. It is difficult to fix this type of problem, as it can be more serious than just needing a repair. Another reason you may need a replacement is if you have uncontrollable dust all over your home from your air vents. This may be a huge warning sign that your unit may be too old to properly function. Air vents should not have dust coming through them, and this can lead to health risks if being exposed to too much dust. Also, humidity through your home while your unit is working is a big problem that may lead to needing a replacement.

AYS Energy is here to help fix your HVAC repair in Los Angeles. You do not want to wait until the coldest or hottest points of the season to use your furnace, and realize that it does not work. Our team of professionals will come in and quickly assess your unit to determine what needs to be done. Call our licensed HVAC contractors LA for a free consultation today!