Energy Efficiency For Your Commercial Property

Most business owners own their own space for their company and employees, and need to constantly maintain it. Not to mention, bills for commercial properties are usually pretty high, because of all of the electricity, energy, HVAC system use, etc. This may leave many business owners stressed out, because they also have to pay these bills for their own homes. AYS Energy, a professional licensed commercial energy efficient contractors can help save you tons of money by switching to our services. With affordable commercial energy efficient services, you will be paying much less than you would if you did not do these upgrades.

Types of Commercial Energy Efficient Services

The first and most important energy efficient switch is LED light changing. Because a business runs mostly every week day, the electric bill from all of the lights being used is probably very high. But, business owners used to not have a choice with lighting, as there used to be just one standard type. Now, AYS Energy can install LED lights in all of your office buildings or in your commercial property to save you tons of money. Not only will you stop worrying about leaving the lights on for too long, but you save energy for the environment as well. These lights are also special because they are extra bright. While you can pick different LED colors for your property, they are vivid and will give you and your company the best lighting.

Next are revamping windows and doors. This is an overlooked element that is super important. If your building is older, it most likely has to be updated. You cannot see this, but windows and doors over time develop leaks around the edges, and bring in unwanted air. This forces your HVAC system to work ten times harder to produce the air quality that you are satisfied with. Revamping your windows and doors will seal shut your space so that no excess air will be able to get in. Once this process is finished, you will be able to actually enjoy the natural temperature of your building without turning on your HVAC system at all times, saving tons of money.

Another very important thing to consider is your bathroom. Since your employees probably use the bathroom a lot through out the day, you should consider switching to energy efficient alternatives. For example, a more energy efficient toilet will save you a lot of money on your bills. Also, switching out your faucets can make a big difference. When you turn on the sink, you often use up more water than you should be using, and forget to turn it off quickly. If you provide your workers with sinks that turn off with a timer, this will save you a lot more money on your water bills.

There are tons of different ways to make your commercial property more energy efficient. Even taking the small steps and doing little things to improve it will make a huge difference on your payments.